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DeFi Application Development Services

Provide users with Decentralized Applications that are secure, permissionless, and immutable for all their financial transactions.

DeFi Dapp Development Solutions

Ever since the advent of Cryptocurrency, the Blockchain network, and Decentralized Finances the possibility that anyone can have access to all available financial resources and services with just a smartphone and stable internet connectivity became a reality. In this scenario, Decentralized Finance - an open finance movement, took all financial services to the next level by taking away control from traditional financial bodies. There are several DeFi projects and one among them is Dapps.

Decentralized Apps or Dapps are not owned by any central authority but run on a peer-to-peer network. It is an open-source network and relies on Smart Contracts to run transactional services on the Ethereum Blockchain. They have a variety of use cases beginning with lending and borrowing services, betting, and exchanges going all the way to liquidity provision and yield farming.

Today, by partnering with Dunitech's DeFi Dapp Development Services, you can develop and launch your own Decentralized Application or Dapp and enter into the expanding DeFi ecosystem. With our DeFi development services that span over several years, our experience and knowledge that goes into building Dapps are unparalleled and guarantee success for your business venture.

What is DeFi Marketing?

Differing starkly from traditional apps, Decentralized Applications are software applications that are not controlled by a principal or central authority. Just like any other app, they have a user interface and a backend code that is supported by Smart Contracts rather than a centralized service.

They function independently or rather are decentralized so all data and records regarding the Dapp are stored on a public ledger. They are deterministic, as in they perform the coded function irrespective of external circumstances. Dapps can perform any function with the appropriate resources and since it functions on the Ethereum Blockchain, there is no possibility of bugs and hassles to the functioning of the network. Dapps also provide incentives such as tokens for its users.

Various Services And Protocols That Are Enabled With Dapps

Various Services And Protocols That Are Enabled With Dapps

While planning on launching a DeFi Dapp to expand your business, there are several protocols to consider building a Dapp for. Listed below are a few of the DeFi services that our DeFi Dapp Development Solutions will support.

Lending and borrowing platforms

Yield farming

Liquidity mining

Stable coins

Decentralized finances




Prediction markets

money legos

Wrapped Bitcoin (WBTC)

Leading Dapps in the DeFi Crypto Space

Maker Dao

One of the most popular Dapps, this protocol issues loans with a certain interest rate for its users. It has its own Stablecoin - Dai which is pegged to the US Dollar.


This is a protocol that converts real-life assets into crypto assets. It also is a derivative liquidity protocol. It gives its users a wide range of access to synthetic forms of fiat currencies, commodities, and cryptocurrencies.


This semi-centralized DeFi platform that allows borrowing and lending at fixed rates.


This semi-centralized DeFi platform that allows borrowing and lending at fixed rates.


This Dapps allows for swapping or ERC-20 tokens and ETH in a completely decentralized manner, with the help of liquidity pools.


This protocol is a simple user interface that allows users to perform functions such as lending and borrowing all in one application instead of switching between several other protocols. They can manage all their crypto assets safely and efficiently in one place.


It is a DeFi lending platform where users can deposit crypto assets and currencies and earn interest against them. Users can also borrow other crypto-assets with this platform.

Extensive Benefits and Advantages of Dapps

  • Zero downtime - The core of Dapps are Smart Contracts. Once they are deployed, it will always be able to serve users for their various needs. It cannot be shut down for maintenance etc. Denial of service is never an option.
  • Privacy - Real-world identity information need not be given to access Dapps.
  • Absolute data integrity - since cryptographic primitives and algorithms are what data is stored on, the data is immutable and indisputable. Data on transactions cannot be forged since it has already been made public.
  • Dapps are censorship-resistant due to the immutability of Blockchain
  • All Dapps are open-source. In an ideal situation, these applications will have a governing body that decides on changes. The codebase of the Dapp will be made available to be scrutinized.
  • The speed that Dapps provide is unparalleled. Because of the absence of intermediary applications like payment gateways, the transaction of funds happens quickly with ease.
  • As iterated earlier, all Dapps are decentralized - all records and data are stored on a public decentralized ledger, unlike their counterparts.
  • All decentralized applications are distributed, meaning they're quite hard to shut down, unlike centralized or traditional apps. It is quite difficult to bring down Dapps from a central point while the underlying blockchain is operational.
  • Complete transparency is observed with Decentralized Applications since only pseudonyms are being used for user authentication and not their real data.
  • The permissionless nature of DeFi gives anyone the opportunity to create and launch a Dapp to a global audience.
  • All Dapps are interoperable. This means that one Dapp can be built on another using one single source. This concept is also known as Money Legos.


Frequently Asked Questions

DeFi Application Development Services is a set of services that help businesses create decentralized finance (DeFi) applications on the blockchain. These services include developing smart contracts, creating decentralized exchanges, and developing other DeFi-related applications.

DeFi Application Development Services provide businesses with a secure and reliable way to create and manage their own financial applications on the blockchain. These services also provide businesses with access to a wide range of features and tools that can help them create more efficient and cost-effective applications.

DeFi Application Development Services can be used to develop a wide range of decentralized finance applications, including decentralized exchanges, lending platforms, stablecoins, and more.

DeFi Application Development Services are highly secure as they use the latest blockchain technology to ensure that all data is securely stored and transactions are securely processed.

DeFi Application Development Services typically use blockchain technology such as Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, and Corda to develop decentralized finance applications.

The time it takes to develop a DeFi application depends on the complexity of the application and the technologies used. Generally, it takes between 4-6 weeks to develop a basic DeFi application using DeFi Application Development Services.

The cost of developing a DeFi application depends on the complexity of the application and the technologies used. Generally, it costs between $10,000-$50,000 to develop a basic DeFi application using DeFi Application Development Services.

Yes, Dunitech Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd offers additional services such as consulting, training, and support for developing DeFi applications.

Yes, Dunitech Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd provides support for existing DeFi applications by providing bug fixes, security updates, and other maintenance services.

Yes, Dunitech Soft Solutions Pvt Ltd offers customization services for developing DeFi applications such as customizing existing features or adding new features to existing applications.