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Smart Contract Development

Smart contract development and audit for Ethereum, EOS and Hyperledger

Smart Contract Development Services

Enterprises, regardless of size or industry, are supported by written contracts. However, these are often burdensome and cause business and legal conflict. A solution can be replacing traditional with smart contracts. A smart contract is an agreement, in the form of a computer program that executes automatically when the pre-programmed conditions are satisfied. The goal of a smart contract is to simplify trade and business between both identified and anonymous parties. A smart contract hard-codes trust into the system and eliminates the need for counterparties to execute their part of the agreement. It can help streamline transactions, reduce duplication and alleviate the costs.

Owing to the autom ation, transparency and trust offered by smart contracts, they are rapidly gaining acceptance and adoption across multiple industries. It is anticipated that 25 percent of global companies will embrace smart contracts by 2022.

Blockchain Smart Contracts Development

Integrate smart contracts into your business to automate processes. We combine our technical prowess, domain expertise, rich experience, and harness varied blockchain protocols like Ethereum, EOS and Hyperledger, to provide you with a secure smart contract aligned with your business requirements.

Ethereum Smart Contract Development

Our experienced smart contract developers build highly secure and reliable smart contracts to cater to your business needs. Amplify your business efficiency with automated operations driven via smart contracts written in Solidity.

ERC-20 Tokens Contract

Ethereum-based smart contracts that can be leveraged to automate and expedite the transfer of ERC-20 tokens from one wallet to another ERC-20 compatible wallet address.

ERC-721 Smart Contract

ERC-721 compliant smart contracts that can be exploited by enterprises for copyright protection of important work or registering a real estate contract.

Stable Coins

We harness our experience and expertise to develop digital contracts to automate and accelerate the process of issuance of stable coins.

Token Redemption

A computer-based protocol designed to reinforce and automate every aspect of asset tokens – from token creation, redemption and distribution to exchange of tokens.

Wallet Transactions

Custom, Ethereum-based smart contracts to facilitate smooth transactions between healthcare providers and payers.


Contracts that are really smart to eliminate middlemen and automate escrow services; ideal for integration into platforms like P2P exchange and P2P lending marketplace.

Hyperledger Smart Contract Development

Hyperledger smart contracts offer various benefits – whether these are designed for the financial industry, retail, healthcare, automotive, or any other industry. Our certified smart contract developers support your requirements and deliver a solution that brings trust and transparency to your business operations. We create a harmonious trifecta of technical prowess, intelligent strategies and design-thinking-driven process to create smart contracts for the following needs.

  • Automated claim settlement
  • Invoice
  • Payments
  • Asset traceability
  • Insurance policy tokenization
  • Healthcare wallet payment
  • Digital certificates
  • E-warranty

Smart Contract for Business

The self-executing nature of a smart contract makes it a powerful tool for diverse applications across multiple industries spanning finance, real estate, healthcare, and more. Our smart contract development company specializes in developing smart contract-based solutions for various industries.


Enhance your data quality, fortify investor protection and augment the function of your financial institutions.

Real Estate

Streamline your management operations and enable transparent transactions for areas like leasing, purchasing and sales.


Track product flow in a granular fashion, automate consumer and B2B payments and gain real-time visibility across the supply chain.


Automate data sharing between hospitals and medical care centers, verification of medical claims, and healthcare management.


Automate policies – perform error checking and payout calculations based on claim-related information stored in the smart contract.


Our white label wallet is reinforced with market-leading security features to achieve a secure infrastructure to send, receive and store multiple crypto assets.

Why does your Business need a Smart Contract?

Smart contracts provide a level of automation that allows unprecedented efficiency and cost reductions throughout business operations.


Smart contracts enable parties to enter into agreements while eliminating third party involvement.

Real-Time Execution

The execution of smart contracts takes place simultaneously for all parties, across participating computers, once the required criteria are satisfied.


The information in the contract is visible to all participants in the blockchain network, there by fostering an environment of trust.


The distributed ledger is impregnable and immune to alterations, thus enhancing the security paradigm.


Eliminate human error by automating record-keeping, storage and retrieval.

Financial Saving

Automated operations make human functions redundant, alleviating risks and costs.