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P2P Crypto Lending Software Development

A Secure And Easy Solution To Digitize The KYC Paradigm.

he convergence of new technologies, the introduction of ingenious lending models, and the evolving consumer behavior have led to the evolution and growth of peer-to-peer or P2P crypto lending software. A plethora of crypto enthusiasts across the globe are raking in huge profits via P2P lending software. What is encouraging most businesses and entrepreneurs to tap into the P2P lending market is the fact put forth by the Word Bank which states that 3 billion adults worldwide are unbanked. Furthermore, many are unable to acquire a loan due to poor credit rating. Building a P2P lending platform can be an opportunity to capitalize on such people’s inaccessibility to financial services, providing them with contemporary P2P lending exchange to satisfy their borrowing or lending needs.

At Dunitech, we can help you reach out to 3 billion unbanked people through P2P lending software development. We offer a white label P2P lending platform, enriched with market-leading features, which expedites deployment and can be quickly launched into the market under your brand name. Whether you need an automated platform with a robust matching engine or simply a lending marketplace, we have got you covered with mission-driven peer to peer lending software development.

Features of our White Label P2P Lending Software


We harness industry-leading security solutions such as SSL implementation and two-factor authentication (2FA) to accomplish additional login security and encrypted user access.

and AML

Geography-based KYC and AML verification processes confirm users' identities and come into effect during the withdrawal of cryptocurrencies equivalent to a specific amount and above.


A secure, smart-contract-driven Escrow system automates locking and releasing of users' crypto assets, leading to instant and transparent transactions.


The integration of multi-cryptocurrency, encrypted hot wallet enables secure storage and instant transactions of a spectrum of cryptocurrencies.


Loan to Value Ratio (LVR) calculation helps in risk assessment, allowing your users to make well-informed decisions while borrowing and lending a loan.

Interest Calculation

The flexible interest calculation provides you with an option to calculate the interest rate on a daily, monthly, quarterly or yearly basis, as per your business model.

Security Features of our Peer to Peer Lending Software

Data Encryption

Data encryption protects users' credentials and any sensitive data that is stored in the database.

JWT Encryption

The encryption of JWT (JSON Web Token) offers protection against data manipulation.

Anti-Denial of Service (DoS)

Protects our white label P2P lending platform from large requests to the server.

Anti-Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS)

It safeguards the P2P crypto lending exchange against overwhelming traffic coming from multiple sources.

Protection against SQL Injection

Defends the lending platform against maliciously crafted inputs submitted by an attacker.

Self-XSS Protection

Offers protection against illegitimate access to users’ accounts, thereby fortifying the security paradigm.