E-Admin (University/College Management System)

E-Admin is a highly advanced Enterprise Resource Management (ERP) System developed by Dunitech Soft Solutions. It has a custom design which can meet all the requirements for achieving a highly productive administration. The product is aimed at Universities and colleges. E-Admin revolutionizes the way administrative and management activities are carried in universities.


  • Faster, Economical, Convenient and more productive.
  • Manage huge number of students with utmost ease.
  • Minimize delay in day-to-day activities of the institution.
  • Wider access- access from any part of the globe.
  • Saves Resources and thus minimizes expense in longer duration of time.

The above flowchart shows how E-Admin manages hierarchy and access levels in the academic module, similarly every module caters to the same basis system of arranging access as per their position in the hierarchy.

System Requirments For Users

  • Working Internet Connection, preferably Broadband
  • Operating System: - Windows XP or higher
  • Web-Browser: - Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0, Mozilla Firefox Version 3, Apple Safari, Google Chrome or similar Web Browsers.

The E-Admin System Advantages

  • E-Admin can be accessed using any type of computer on any web-browser
  • Exclusively Designed for Educational Institutions
  • Extensive coverage of all management resources
  • No software installation, upgrades or backups required
  • No need to transfer data between different computers

For a detailed description and download the product brochure from here.

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Full Day Trainings & Implementation, onsite support will be dedicatedly provided to the institute by our Team. The institute must confirm the training schedule in advance.

ERP Manager and College Management are responsible to provide timely data to the data entry operators for submitting them in ERP. All existing data would be entered by operators under supervision of Dunitech Engineers and College’s ERP Manager.